The golf course was built on the Coulsdon Court Estate, on land owned by the Byron family. Thomas Byron bought most of the land in Coulsdon and the surrounding areas in 1782. The family built the manor house and moved in in 1850.

In 1921 Edmund Byron, Squire, Magistrate, landowner, Master of the Old Surrey Hounds and the person responsible for many land enclosures, died aged 77. This marked the end of the Byron dynasty. A year later the whole Coulsdon Court Estate was put up for auction and sold to a local developer. Some years later it was acquired by Croydon Council.

The golf course was laid out by in 1926. Here's a photo taken in that year. It shows the 6th green, the trees along the right dividing it from the 5th fairway, have yet to arrive.

Edmund Byron

On Saturday 1st June 1929 a match was held at Coulsdon Court Golf Course between Henry Cotton and Horton Smith who was best known as the winner of the first and third Masters Tournaments, large crowds attended the match.

Later, Henry Cotton's brother Leslie became the first Golf Pro at Coulsdon.

Coulsdon Court Golf Club was a privately owned club until 1938. The golf course, now controlled by the council, was refurbished after the war, reopening in 1946.

For a complete history of Coulsdon Court

For a Coulsdon Court Golf Club Brochure dated 1928

The course itself contains a wide variety of tree types and in Autumn gives a magnificent display of colours.

The original course has changed considerably since it's inception. It now measures 6,014 yards (white tees) and is a par 70.



5 Day Weekday Fees for Veterans :

Summer Green Fees £16.00 (April to October 2022)

Winter Green Fees  £--.00 (November 2022 to March 2023)


You can purchase a full weekday veterans membership for £695.00, and play as often as you like midweek. INCLUDES 20% BAR DISCOUNT, AND OTHER BENEFITS. Full price list

Coulsdon Golf Course score card
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