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November 12th. - The CCVGC Annual Dinner 2021

The tables are set and waiting for an evening of celebration

Thanks to John Gill for this report.

The Annual Dinner on November 12th had been eagerly anticipated, particularly as it was two years since the last one. The Blenheim Room at the hotel had been prepared - and the heating turned on well in advance! Our Captain, Ron Wellbrook and his lady Linda had been busy decorating the tables and setting up for the raffle and everything looked splendid. 

65 guests attended divided between ​nine tables. These had been marked with miniature golf flags - not 1-10 but with selected numbers up to 19. Note that, for those who were unable to attend the dinner, there are no prizes for guessing who was allocated to table (hole) 19.

An excellent 3 course meal was prepared and served by smart waiting staff. All agreed that the standard of food was excellent and the choice of three alternatives for each course ensured that all tastes were catered for.

The raffle was held between the main course and dessert and an interesting range of prizes were in evidence - including a 'pamper hamper' kindly donated by the Ladies club. All winners seemed to be pleased with their prizes but special mention should go to the Handicap Secretary who not only won but discovered he could claim a litre bottle of Whisky. This made an old man very happy! A total of £450 was raised for the Captain's charity.

After dessert, the Captain organised an auction of various donations from local restaurants and golf clubs. This didn't seem to garner the level of enthusiasm hoped for - for example, the Vice Captain made a bid for the first item to get a healthy competition going and was surprised to win uncontested - but nevertheless the auction raised a further £210

Overall, it was a very enjoyable evening. Well done to Ron and Linda - next year's Captain has a hard act to follow!

The Eagles Club

Congratulations to Andres Holgardo with a magnificent hole-in-one at the 11th last week.

It all happened on Monday 1st November around 10.45 it was the Monthly Medal Comp. The weather was fine, a sunny day with a light wind. I scored a hole in one at the 11 hole 130 yards using my trusty 3 wood.

I aimed to the left of the green to avoid the bunker and as it happened the ball just run to the hole.

My partner were Keith Robertson and George Paulson , we could not believed that the ball went in hole.

George and Keith gave up searching for Andres' ball, only to discover it in the hole when they putted out!

And again! Les Ropke has now notched up his fifth eagle on the club championship round 3 on the 8th. November. It was on the 9th hole, clubs used were the driver then 4 wood then a 6 iron from about 155 yards. Playing partners were Simon Edwards and Andres Holgado.

October 21th. - Match v Lingfield Park GC (Away) 

A welcome drink in the late autumn sun whilst waiting for the late starters to finish.

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown as the team captain commiserates with the downtrodden troops after the defeat.
Lingfield Park, after the night of the big rain proved a bridge too far.

The mud splattered brothers gathered together for a well earned drink and a very tasty meal supplied by our hosts.

Victory in defeat, there is none higher.

October 11th. - Match v Woldingham GC (Home)

Thanks to John Gill for this report

The return home match against Woldingham was eagerly anticipated as Coulsdon Vets had recorded an unexpected win away against Woldingham in the summer. The day was mild and calm, the bunkers were declared GUR and winter rules had started on October 1st - so, what could go wrong? The Woldingham team were met in the bar and introductions made whilst warm bacon rolls were devoured. The first group were out at 8:30 and, after a hard fought match, Coulsdon triumphed 3 and 2 and were back in the bar by 12:15. There then followed an anxious 45 minutes before the next group appeared - had they taken a wrong turn or had they spent too long searching for lost balls? The lunch had to be postponed twice but eventually all 6 groups were back by 2:00 to reveal a 4:2 victory for Coulsdon Vets. This was celebrated with drinks and large plates of sandwiches and chips.

October 6th. - Match v Artisans (Away)

Thanks to Ron Wellbrook for this report

As usual a match with the Artisans gave us a good enjoyable morning's golf with good company and the sun shining, what can be better.  

However, there's no glory in coming second with them taking the trophy yet again, with just a few more points from each group we can turn this round. Not an impossible task. Here's to looking forward to retrieving the cup in 2022.

The Eagles Club

Congratulations again to Les Ropke. This is his forth eagle and earns Les a silver-gilt membership level.

My eagle was in the Boniface trophy on Monday 13th September on the 10th hole. My playing partners were Les Harvey and Andreas Helgardo, it was off the white tees and I hit a driver, then an 8 iron from about 138 yards. The weather was good and went on to have a round of 78,

September 13th. - The Tony Boniface Trophy.

Congratulations to Mac, a well deserved winner of the Claret Jug.

Thanks to Ron Wellbrook for this report.

The Tony Boniface Trophy competition is one of our annual fixtures with the trophy presentation given by one of Tony's family members. This year's competition was held on Monday the 13th October.

After playing a round with us earlier, Tony's son Gary presented the trophy with some very encouraging words during the presentation and I'm sure we will have even more entries next year. We thank the Boniface family for their kind attendance.

Good play and course conditions gave the day enjoyable golf for those who took part as well as giving some high stableford scores.

The trophy this year was won by Mac McRae with 44 points and Ian Booker as runner up with 39 points.

Well done to them both, we look forward to next year for another crack at the trophy.   

September 10th. - Home Match v North Downs Veterans GC

The return match against North Downs, so we stiffened the sinews and summoned up the blood, and once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.

Our vice captain John Gill presided over the after dinner formalities, and thanks to Mike for organising a very enjoyable day. Pity the result wasn’t closer but I think our guests enjoyed it.

Defeat is for the valiant, only they will know the honour of losing and the joy of winning.

Result; Vets 1/2. North Downs 5 1/2.

August 23rd. - The Captain's Cup. S/ford. White Tees


Well Done Bruce!

Thanks to Ron Wellbrook for this report

The morning brought an overcast day with always a threat of rain close by. Despite this, all players chasing this excellent very clean trophy, appeared to be in good spirits. I did like to think it was all down to my refreshments supplied on the 1st tee and later on the 10th. 

The day appeared to go well, although feedback told me the course did it's best to keep everyone on their toes with some interesting conditions.  

We held the first raffle of the year, with no shortage of prize donations and tickets bought. Both my charity and myself, thank you for that.  

Congratulations to the winners and a thank you to all from me for entering this competition.


Overall winner - Bruce Blackhall

Front 9 - Les Ropke

Back 9 - Jim Quinn 

The Eagles Club

Congratulations to Ken Boyden and Les Ropke (achieving yet another eagle) who now gain entry to this prestigious and exclusive club. 

Well done Ken, who achieved his eagle on a difficult par 5!

On Monday 23rd August (weather mild) at about 11am on the par 5 ninth hole, Ken used his driver from the tee, then the 3 wood twice, and the third shot went in from about 150 yards.

Not 3 lucky shots, all pure skill!

Playing partner; Mac McRae

Les is now on his third eagle.

Here's all the details;

Playing partners: Roger Harding, Tony Q Brown and Surinder Nagi

Date and time:  Thursday 16th. August at about 8am

A hole in one on the 11th hole . Weather was overcast, moderate wind and a cool temperature. Club used was a pitching wedge, distance 125yds. Well done Les, you now hold silver membership.

August 16th. - Texas Scramble with Coulsdon Ladies (CCLGC) 

Congratulations to the winning team


Thanks to Dennis Gorman, team leader of the winning group for this report.

" Despite my best efforts to lose balls and miss putts, we managed as a team to secure victory in this most enjoyable competition. A combination of long(ish) and straight drives, followed  by some fine approach work by Sheila and consistent putting by Di  (henceforth to be known as "Dead Eye Di") kept us in the hunt (although unbeknown to us). It came as quite a surprise to hear the result and none of us had a speech prepared! 

I would encourage more Veterans to take part in this annual event - how often do we get the chance to play with such charming company."


Sheila Boniface Di MacCormack

Dennis Gorman Brian Mustchin

43.75 points

Second Place.

Nel Haynes Joan Amarnani
Bruce Blackhall Chris Watts

44.75 points



The Eagles Club

Congratulations to Tony Murphy and Les Ropke, another 2 successful members to gain entry to this prestigious and exclusive club. 

Tony Murphy's eagle was on the  22nd July at 9.30. The weather fine and no wind.  It all happened on the 9th hole (par 5) with pitching iron from about 50 yds.

Playing partners were John Gill and Les Harvey.

Tony went on to complete the 18 holes in his best ever 77 playing off yellow tees.

Congratulations again to Les Ropke who has now joined the eagles club twice, his membership has been promoted to bronze level! 

Les's eagle was on the 18th. hole (par 4) on the Monday 21st June at about 10. 40, it was raining with a slight wind. He used a driver then a 7 iron from about 150 yards and popped it in. He was playing off the white tees with playing partner was Les Harvey.

August 4th. - Away Match v Addington Court Veterans GC

This blessed plot of Addington hills which serves the annual contest of veterans. We few, we happy few, we band of golfers who fought upon this earth of majesty shall be remembered in our conquest to defeat the darkness of past wrongs. 

Well done to all today, after the last match with Addington Court resulting in an almost wipe out, we nailed them this time, this will give them something to think about when we play again next year.

The overall hospitality provided by Addington as well as their good-natured jokes and comments, I'm sure all add to the day's golf as well of course giving us a good competitive spirit to work with. 

Victory over this fortress of golf, this happy band of brothers, this sceptred isle, this realm, this earth, this England.

Result Addington 2.1/2  Vets 3.1/2 

July 19th. - Home Match v Mitcham Seniors GC

As usual a very pleasant round was to be had with Mitcham, good golf, good company with a nice lunch in the garden after. But the pleasantries did not deter us all from wanting to win

This was our return match against Mitcham, the first was an away match back in May, when it was a draw. This one was very close all round for all the individual matches played, with an uncertain result until right up to the last few holes, but they just got us in the end. Looking forward to turning this around next year, when we play them again. 

Result: Vets 2, Mitcham 4.

July 16th. - Home Match v Lingfield Park Seniors GC

Thanks to Ron Wellbrook for this report

This is the first time we have played against Lingfield and the day proved to be a very enjoyable one. A good closely fought morning's golf was followed by a tasty lunch in the Blenheim Suite. Also, the day gave us a convincing win. 

Result: Vets 5, Lingfield 1.

We need to make sure the home win was not a one off, as they were still discussing tactics for next time after lunch had finished.

The after match comments I heard from Lingfield were encouraging with talk of looking forward to playing here again, the return match at Lingfield is on 21st October. I think we have added a very friendly club to our list of yearly fixtures, which I'm sure will continue for years to come. 

July 9th. - Match v Coulsdon Court Ladies GC

Thanks to Ron Wellbrook for this report.

After the disappointment of bad weather stopping play for the Lightbody Trophy, July 9th saw good weather and a very pleasant mornings golf against the Ladies Section.  

Despite the spirited opposition we found ourselves playing against, the ladies were the runners up on this occasion and the trophy was ours. 

The ladies organised the match and the lunch afterward, so it's thanks to them for doing a good job all round.

June 28th. - Away Match v North Downs' Veterans' GC

The two captains and their partners open the friendly match with 4 long and straight drives.